Empties #3

Hello again...
My empties bag has been filling up so fast recently, so I'm going to show you everything I've managed to use up!

Skincare & Makeup

No7 Quick Thinking Wipes £7.00 30 Wipes - I've spoken about these in my last empties, but these were my last pack. Woohoo! I'm not one for face wipes usually but when i have a voucher in Boots I'll use it! These are honestly the best I have ever tried.

First Aid Beauty Facial Radiance Pads £10.20 28 Pads - I love these, I no longer have to use an exfoliator because this does it for me. Depending on how often you use them you may be better off buying the big tub!

Superdrug Cotton Wool Double Faced Pads £1.69 100 Pads - Not much to say about these, they do the job and don't break the bank and I always buy a few at a time to stock up.

MUA Eye Brow Kit £3.50 - My eyebrows wouldn't be complete without this kit, although I only use the lightest shade it's the best palette I've found to match my eyebrow colour, love it!

Mask Of Magnaminty £5.50 125g - I got this little sample with an online order, and I can really tell the difference between this and the self preserving one. This one dries and feels more like a clay mask whereas the self preserving version doesn't really dry, I do like both versions of the mask though.

Gorgeous Moisturiser £42.50 45g - Gorgeous is a really lovely moisturiser, however I don't think it's worth the £42. It's too greasy for me to use during the day so i used it as a night time moisturiser instead and it made my skin feel really nourished.

BB Seaweed £6.50 75g - I picked this up by accident I was going to get Catastrophe Cosmetic, I don't know how i did it! This was a lovely mask, it reminded me a little bit of Aqua Marina Cleanser Lush also do.


Ginger Anti-Dandruff Shampoo £4.50 250ml - Another repeat empty, I go through this so fast! Partly because it's quite runny so I always end up using way more than needed but it smells lovely and does the job too.

Frizz Ease Curl Controller Gel - I always manage to find something that works great for me and they go and bloody discontinue it! As you can probably tell, I'm still not over it... I'm sure I'll find something just as good eventually.

Frizz Ease Moisture Barrier Hairspray £6.00 250ml - I'm not fussed about what hairspray I use, as long as it holds hair in place for the day it's a winner for me. This one was quite nice, it did leave my hair quite crispy though.

Bath & Body

Dream Cream £11.95 240g - I've fallen in love with Dream Cream, it's such a lovely moisturiser! I'm definitely buying this again.

Mango Hand Cleanse Gel £2.50 60ml - I wasn't keen on the scent of this but it was a good cleansing gel, it didn't leave me with that dry feeling that most cleansing gel's leave me with.

Soap And Glory Clean On Me £2.50 75ml - I think this is my last bottle of Clean on me! I adore the scent, it's their classic fragrance and i always get loads in gift sets at Christmas.

Soap And Glory Hand Food £2.50 50ml - Pretty sure this is the first hand cream I've managed to use up, I get really dry cracked hands from work and this worked a charm!

Mitchum Pure Fresh Deodorant £3.20 41g - Is it weird to love a deodorant? This is the best I've found so far, I work in a hot place so i need something that's going to actually work and this defiantly does, plus it smells nice too.

May Day Bath Bomb - This wasn't a fun bath bomb but it smelt lovely, I thought it smelt a little like sherbet and aniseed. Probably not everyones cup of tea but if it comes out again I'd get a few more.

Razzle Dazzle Bath Oil - I hardly have any complaints about Lush, if you've read my My Top 10 Lush Products you'll know I love them and have done for years now. So when I found out they were going to be putting some of their Oxford Street products online I was so excited! When this arrived it had leaked through the paper it was in, and after i used it both my bathtub and fingers were stained. I wouldn't recommend buying this unless you want to bleach the bath after you've gotten out.

Emma xx


  1. Lots of fab empties, this had reminded me that I need to do one of these :')

    Sian | Siân Marie Beauty

    1. I seem to be using things up so quickly, it's crazy!
      I'll look forward to reading yours Sian :)xx

  2. So many great empties! I really want to try the Soap and Glory Hand Food, I never seem to really stick with a hand cream but this seems like a good one!xx

    1. Thankyou, Hand food has got to me one of my favourite hand creams so far! :)