New Lush Goodies!

Hello again, as I'm sure you already know I absolutely adore Lush and for a while now I've been lusting after the Oxford Street range. 
I was beyond excited to finally get to go to any Lush store and try out a selection from the new range of products! So when I went to Leeds last Wednesday and was like a kid in a sweet shop! Here's what I picked up.
Pumice Power Foot Soap £3.10 70g - My feet are looking sorry for themselves so I'm hoping Pumice Power will come to the rescue!

Refresher Shower Jelly £3.50 100g - I love anything citrusy and this smells like fresh lemons, or like the Refresher sweets if you're familiar with those.

The Rough With The Smooth Body Scrub £5.95 Each - I had to get this, it smells like Lord Of Misrule which is hands down my favourite scent ever plus, who doesn't need a good scrub in their life?

Silky Underwear Dusting Powder £4.50 60g - Although this isn't a new product I felt like I needed a dusting powder to help absorb the excess oils from the self preserving Dream Cream I bought not too long ago, I'm hoping this will do the trick.

Intergalactic Bath Bomb £3.95 Each - Now when i gave this a stiff i thought it smelt like a combination of toothpaste and men, probably not something you'd want to use but it smells good.
Plus I've seen this bath bomb in action and it looks incredible.

Beautiful Shower Gel £9.50 250g - Even though I really didn't need to buy another shower gel I'm a sucker for anything fruity or citrusy and this smells like peaches with a little something else i can't put my finger on... but it's a lovely scent.

Cup O' Coffee Exfoliating Mask £6.50 150g - Coffee in a face mask? Why not?! I actually tried this the day after buying it and it's lovely, it woke me up that's for sure.

Respect Your Elders Soap £3.40 per 100g - As soon as i smelt this it immediately reminded me of something Lush has previously sold, then it hit me. It reminded me of the Lady Catrina soap they brought out as part of their Halloween collection in 2010. 

I would like more of the range but my bank balance is still upset with me, so I'll hold off buying anymore in the meantime.

Have you tried anything from the Oxford Street Store?
Emma xx


  1. Intergaltatic is amazing! x

  2. Ahhh I really need to go to LUSH I keep seeing posts about them and get so jealous!!xx